• Unexplained charges on credit cards

  • Requests for new sexual activity

  • ​​New email account or a second mobile phone

Our work speaks for itself 

If you have doubts or suspicions about a cheating partner then we can assist to confirm your suspicions or put your doubts to rest. We will gather all evidence and present it to you in a neutral and factual way.

Infidelity Investigations

If you have doubts or suspicions about a cheating partner then we can assist to confirm your suspicions or put your doubts to rest. We will gather all evidence and present it to you in a neutral and factual way.

The top ten signs of infidelity include:

All information will be handled with the strictest of confidence, within our strict privacy guidelines.
We will listen to your suspicions, take them seriously, and will ask you how you want the investigation to be shaped. You will remain in control of how the investigation proceeds, with regular status updates.

Personal Investigations

  • Infidelity Investigations 
  • Find Someone Skip Tracing 
  • Background Checks 
  • Child Custody Investigations 
  • Surveillance 

Business Investigations

  • Insurance Investigations 
  • Skip Tracing, Find someone Skip Tracing
  • Employment screening, Background Checks 
  • Business, employee investigations 
  • Workplace Theft 
  • Fraud Investigations

Workplace theft

Theft in the workplace costs employers on many levels. It is not just limited to theft of money and products. Theft can be in the form of altering documents or creating fictious ones, undercharging or giving unauthorized discounts to friends, theft of intellectual property, receiving gifts or commissions from suppliers, and using company time for personal matters.

If you suspect that theft has occurred in your workplace you should investigate.

Our investigations cover: the theft of company assets, false invoicing and inventory reports, misuse of company equipment, embezzlement of company funds.

If you have concerns in regards to theft or suspicious behavior with your organization, contact us today to discuss your concerns.​

Expert Private Investigation Services in Adelaide

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the process of locating a persons where abouts for many different reasons. We offer a fast and efficient skip tracing service that utilizes several data bases and internal investigative procedures for optimum results. A comprehensive skip tracing service requires more than just searches – it requires determination and a willingness to think outside the box.

We are proud of our success rate and often take on tasks where other agencies have failed. Our investigators all have exceptional communications skills and are experienced in obtaining information in a timely and discreet manner.

Child Custody Investigations

Once a relationship ends, our intentions to be hospitable with our ex-partner may not always occur. Court orders are often designed but there are no guarantees that these orders are upheld. Physical and verbal abuse can occur sometimes in front of our children. At times this can be difficult to prove so hiring a private investigator may help you gain the evidence required.
Does your child return from visits with their other parent upset or appears sad or withdrawn? Do you have concerns how your children are being cared for while with the other parent? When it comes to your child there is nothing more important. Often child custody matters are highly sensitive that require the utmost discretion. We understand that these are often highly stressful situations for you and your child/children, so we endeavor to make sure this investigation run smoothly.

Once you have made contact with one of our investigators we will organize to meet with you and discuss the case. During this time we will examine any court orders. The appropriateness of the investigation will depend on these.

 Do you think you aren’t getting the maximum amount of child support that you are entitled to? Our skilled investigators can gain the evidence that you require to prove that they are working, or also the amount of hours they are performing.

Our investigations can also include seeing what the parent is doing while the child is with them. Concerns of driving erratically while the child is in the car, drinking and driving. Neglecting the child or continually leaving the child in the care of other people while visitation is supposed to be happening are just some of the investigations that we can provide. Speak to our specialized team to discuss your investigation needs.

Background Checks

Performing a background check on applicants and employees is an effective way to discover any potential issues that could affect your business. Whether you are a large corporation, a mid-sized organization, or a small business a comprehensive background check will enable you to manage risk and make decisions with confidence.

A background check is the conducting of research into a persons information relative to the purpose of the check. It may also be utilized to verify current information including, professional licenses and qualifications (training and employment).

Background checks are required by law in many fields of employment in Australia. Many employers have chosen to make them mandatory, to provide a level of safety and to mitigate risk.

  • No longer wearing wedding ring

  • Leaves the room to take phone calls

  • Wrong number calls and hang ups

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  • Change in daily routine

  • Increase in time away from home

  • Longer working hours

  • ​Unusual phone activity

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance investigations are an invaluable tool to obtain evidence for a variety of matters such as Insurance Investigations, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, fraud, theft, property matters and also if you want general observations completed on people who are providing you with services such as baby sitters, and carers.

All our investigators will initially use a variety of data bases to gain preliminary evidence. These can include social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter. This gives us an idea as to what activities the subject may be involved in. We then utilize specialized data bases that have been designed for us specifically.

Each investigation is planned meticulously for the best possible outcome. Each job is completed within an appropriate timeframe. As the customer, you can expect exceptional communication from all members of our team. You will receive a comprehensive report with video or photographic evidence at the completion of the file. This will ensure that all your requirements are met, and that you are given all the information you require.

Our investigators are all highly trained and take great pride in their work. They are meticulous where even the smallest detail is not missed. We are able to get the best possible footage and evidence because of our fine eye for detail.