Child Custody Investigations in Salisbury

Once a relationship ends, our intentions to be hospitable with our ex-partner may not always occur. Court orders are often designed but there are no guarantees that these orders are upheld. Physical and verbal abuse can occur sometimes in front of our children. At times this can be difficult to prove so hiring a private investigator may help you gain the evidence required.

Does your child return from visits with their other parent upset or appears sad or withdrawn? Do you have concerns how your children are being cared for while with the other parent? When it comes to your child there is nothing more important. Often child custody matters are highly sensitive and require the utmost discretion. We understand that these are often highly stressful situations for you and your child/children, so we endeavor to make sure this investigation run smoothly.

Once you have made contact with one of our investigators we will organize to meet with you and discuss the case. During this time we will examine any court orders. The appropriateness of the investigation will depend on these.
Do you think you aren’t getting the maximum amount of child support that you are entitled to? Our skilled investigators can gain the evidence that you require to prove that they are working, and also the amount of hours they are performing.

Our investigations can also include observing what the parent is doing while the child is with them. Concerns of driving erratically while the child is in the car, drinking and driving. Neglecting the child or continually leaving the child in the care of other people while visitation is supposed to be happening are just some of the investigations that we can provide. Speak to our specialized team to discuss your investigation needs.

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